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Originally from Russia, I’ve spent half my life in New Zealand. Since childhood, I’ve always been drawn to express myself through art. When I first arrived in New Zealand and my English was extremely poor, art was the only media which allowed me to express myself and not feel constricted by the language barrier. This led me to pursue further art education in Auckland, which I’ve completed with promise; during my study I have received top student award and much encouragement from my tutors.

Upon completing university, I’ve engaged myself in a number of various art projects and commissions, however a key element was somehow missing. I was not able to find an underlying cause which would drive me to continue to bring my art into the world. As simple means to communication, art was no longer required as my English was by then sufficient. I’ve by and large left the art scene and got myself a “proper job” in the Organics community. This opened a new sphere of meaning to my life. What could be more important than investing one’s energy in the industry which serves as one of the solutions to the problems we’re having in the world today?! I believed that we need to move to a sustainable future together, and focus our inspiration on achieving common goals.

I still believe that, but having worked there for over nine years, I have increasingly missed art, but I still couldn’t find a satisfying solution to what making art would mean for me and how it can help achieve my dreams of a better future for mankind.

What I now realise is that I don’t have to give up art in order to do my bit to help get to sustainable future. I want to create art, which will depict the kind of projects, groups, individuals or companies and organisations which strive for the common good and have an ethical approach in their business.

I intend to engage with these communities as an artist and help share their message and by making paintings and drawings or their work, help bring awareness to it, and help raise funds for their goals. My intention is to help tell your story, by extension telling my own story and vision of hope for humanity.

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