Art by Nina Piyasheva

Art with a conscience

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humanity in every BRUSHSTROKE

My Approach

Through my art, I aim to explore the deeper meaning behind the surface of a person or a situation. Each painting is a contemplative study of the intricacies of the human experience.

By sharing my perspective and emotions through my art, I hope to inspire the viewer to see the beauty in humanity and share kindness with every single being.

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Projects & Works

I have worked on a multitude of projects, including private commissions, illustrations for books & cartoons & art projects for nonprofit organisations. I have also worked as an artist in residence in schools, completed mural paintings & have collaborated with purpose-led brands My work has also featured in solo and group exhibitions. I am always interested in collaborating with organisations and individuals working in the social good space.

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Work with me

I believe that art can be a powerful force for good. I am always interested in collaborating with individuals and organisations looking to make our world a better place. From illustrations to paintings and murals, I would love to translate your mission into powerful artworks that inspire and engage.



Whether you are running a campaign or hosting a fundraiser, I would love to help you build support for your cause with my art.

community projects

I believe that all change starts at a community level. From mural paintings to smaller projects, I love using my art to build community and engagement at a grassroots level.


I enjoy working with brands and companies that are interested in doing more than just making a profit. Whether you run a social enterprise or create a product that genuinely makes our world better, I would love to work with you.



I enjoy collaborating with other like - minded artists on murals, installations and any projects that leave a positive lasting legacy.

I believe it’s not what we want individually, but what we need collectively which drives us to ultimately create positive change.
— Nina P.
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